Monday, 27 May 2013

Sechseläuten Parade - Spring Festival in Zurich

This year the Spring festival know as Sechseläuten took place on the Monday 15th April, these photos are from the kids parade a day before on the Sunday. Quite frankly we were lucky with the weather, it was one of the few weekends that have been lovely. The name Sechseläuten literally mean " the six o´clock ringing of the bells", this festival goes back to medieval times.

On the Monday the giant snowman called the Böögg is set on fire at 6pm and the faster the head explodes, the better the summer will be. Sadly is took 35m 11seconds this is longest it has ever taken to explode, therefore it means a crap summer weatherwise!

Alessio enjoyed seeing the parade, the children walking usually throw sweets and he along with the other kids try to catch them. There is also a small funfair and he went on some of the rides, anyway it was a lovely day.

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  1. Good looking photos, especially that of mother and son shot, pretty pretty. That's a pretty cute festival, it's sad though that the snowman didn't blow its head immediately.