Sunday, 21 July 2013

A Weekend in France!

Three weekends ago Alessio and I drove to see my friend Alison in Alsace, France. It is about a 2 hour trip from Zurich, we usually go once every year to visit. Alessio loves to be there as he gets to see lots of animals! Alison has horses, cats and dogs, this year Alessio was put to work sweeping the stables, giving the horses food and brushing them, he loved it.

Saturday we went for a walk, Alessio and Lana got to sit on the Oscar the pony and they both loved it. It was funny to see and hear them together as Alessio speaks no French and Lana understands English but prefers not to speak it.

On the Sunday we took a morning trip to Altkirch to visit the market there and we parked near to a monument for French soldiers that died in both WWI and WWII, I think.

In the afternoon I watched the foal running around, jumping and having fun in the grounds. His mother was just happy to munch on the grass, it was lovely to see.

Alessio had a great time, thanks to Alison!

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