Thursday, 8 August 2013

A Scottish Walk

The last Sunday of our holiday in Scotland we went for a walk with my parents, my sister, Liam and Jamie. We drove to just outside Falkland village to the Craigmead car park, our walk would descend through Maspie Den back into the village via the Yad waterfall around 3 miles.

We passed by East Lomond Hill on our way down and had great views on the countryside, the boys are great fun just running in front of everyone. Eventually it gets to be quite muddy and we descended down to the waterfall, carefully trying not to fall. It was quite busy and the paths were quite narrow, once at the waterfall you can walk behind them and we all got our photos taken.

We continued down the path which it did kind of criss-cross back and forth over the Maspie burn, we came across come nice wooden bridges.

Then we came to a tunnel, the boys collected many sticks to amuse themselves, we noticed that lots of trees had been uprooted, I guess there had been many storms this spring.

We then walked through the Falkland Estate and into the village where we headed off to find a cafe for our well deserved refreshments.

A lovely way to finish our holiday as the next day we headed back to Zurich, next time we are in Scotland will be Christmas.

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