Sunday, 18 August 2013

A Trip to the Brienzer Rothorn

This has been a very busy summer for me, Alessio had to be kept busy for 5 weeks. He spent nearly 2 weeks in Italy, then my sister and family came for one week and finally he went to Denmark with me.

While my sister was here I planned a day trip for everyone and we went to Lake Brienz and took the steam railway train up to the Brienzer Rothorn. Just to get to Lake Brienz was an effort in itself, took more than 2 hours,  the journey up takes one hour, though it is only 7.6km ride.

The Brienzer Rothorn is 2,350m above sea level and is on the border of 3 Kantons Berne, Lucerne and Obwalden. At the other end of Lake Brienz is Interlaken which you could just see in the distance, once at the top it was quite chilly, the boys liked seeing the snow.

The journey up was very amazing, we go through 12 tunnels and coming out of them is great as the smell from the steam is horrible. It chugs up slowly, there is always great views of the lake and the mountains. From the top you have an panoramic view of the Bernese and Central Swiss Alps, there are hikes to do, but we did not have much time. After a snack in the restaurant, we walked a little higher up to the summit and then we caught the train back down.

Back at Lake Brienz the boys got to refresh their feet in the lake and the adults had a cool beer. It was a great trip but with public transport it is really quite long and tiring to do, plus it was a really hot day.

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