Friday, 23 August 2013

The Blue Aquarium, Denmark

One of the places we visited during our stay in Denmark was The Blue Aquarium, Alessio had a choice between this place and the zoo. It is really near to the airport so not that far away from Copenhagen, it is quite an impressive building with five arms and nearly all surrounded by water. It is the biggest aquarium in Northern Europe and we saw lot of amazing fish and animals.

In the huge tank there were hammerhead sharks, rays, and lots of other beautiful and colourful fish, that I had never heard off. The 6th photo is of a alligator snapping turtle which I never knew existed, this reptile has been in the news here as one was in a lake in Southern Germany and bit a young boy. Apparently people have them as pets, quite why someone would want that as a pet in hard to imagine. You certainly do not want to meet one of those while swimming around!

Afterwards we sat outside and enjoyed the view, Alessio played near the water, he liked the aquarium very much. He wanted to see a whale, sadly there were no whales. Maybe I will just have to take him somewhere whale spotting!

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