Thursday, 12 September 2013

Arth- Goldau Animal Park

During the summer holidays we went with the children from my work for a day to the animal part in Arth-Goldau. This was the second time I have been here, again it was with work but the weather was not on our side and it was cold and rainy. This time however is was very hot, there are lots of deers and you are able to feed them, of course sometimes they come up to you and take the food away from you. Some of the children were rather sacred of the deers and screamed a lot, while others loved to feed them.

For the lunch we were able to grill, which is always lots of fun, afterwards we carried on looking at the animals. There were also buffalos, birds of prey, bears, goats and lynx, there are also plenty of places for a picnic and for children to play.

It is in a lovely setting surrounded by mountains, quite easy to get to by train and not far to walk from the train station. So it is worth a visit if you have not been there!

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