Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Eiger North Wall

One of the weekends my parents were here we went to Wengen for 3 days. We did 3 different trips on each day, these photos are from the last day and waiting at Kleine Schiedegg for the train down to Wengen.

The Eiger north wall is one of the six great north faces of the Alps and towers at 1800m over Grindelwand. In German it is called Nordwand, but it has a nickname of "Mordwand" which means Murder(ous) wall, as so many climbers have gone to their graves.

Ueli Stecks climbed the Eiger north face in 2 hours 47mins, setting a new speed solo record, watching the video of it just makes you feel nervous! It is so amazing to see and to see this spectalcular mountain was just brilliant, it makes everything seem to small and tiny.

The Eiger is 3,970m above sea level and is in a trio alongside the Mönch 4,107m and finally Jungfrau 4,158m. It was a great weekend and still a few more posts about what we saw and did to come!

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