Monday, 21 October 2013

A September Afternoon in Jucker Farm

The visit to Jucker farm this year was with my parents who had never been there, we also decided to walk around Lake Pfäffikon too. The whole day turned out to be lovely, my parents enjoyed their first time at the farm. I always like to come here as does Alessio, who can keep himself busy. This time he really enjoyed going into the goat area and stroking them, once upon a time he would have been scared to do this.

We enjoyed some yummy pumpkin soup and later on coffee and fruit tart, all made here. The only negative point was the amount of wasps. I usually go in October and had never noticed them so much, I guess we went quite early, this time around so they bothered us terribly. My mother and myself really cannot stand still with a wasp around.

There is also the opportunity to pick your own fruit from apples, pears and berries. It is a good idea, maybe another we will do this. Next week I go the the sister farm in Jonas with the children from work, so looking forward to see what they have to offer. There is still plenty of time to visit as the exhibition is on until the beginning of November and then they usually have a weekend Christmas market towards the end of November.

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