Sunday, 6 October 2013

Danish Open Air Farm

One of the many different things we did while we were in Denmark, was to visit the open air museum in Copenhagen. The first thing we did was go on a horse drawn carridge which give us an overall view of the whole farm.

We then walked around visiting the different houses and buildings, Alessio really liked to explore all the rooms in each building. The buildings in the farm are from all over Scandinavia during the time period from 1650 -1950. The buildings are all originals which were moved piece by piece to this museum. We did not see all the buildings as were are so many, we picked the ones that sounded interesting to us. There were buildings from the Faroe Islands which I wanted to see, and there were a few buildings with grass growing from the roofs!

It was really very interesting to see and we had a great morning there, this is not the first open air museum we have visited. There is one in Switzerland called Ballenberg, which I went to years and years ago. definitely worth another visit. These places are usually open only from April to October so, just under a month to go to visit, if you fancy a visit.

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