Saturday, 9 November 2013

Colourful Copenhagen

Architecture Museum

Lovely courtyard

delicious beers

stunning sunset

Back in August Alessio and I went to Copenhagen with my parents for one week, it is a beautiful city and we had a really great time.

One of the things I noticed was that Copenhagen is very colourful, you see it in all places, bright and bold colours.

I cannot remember now which areas the photos come from anymore, but I really liked the courtyard that was hidden just off the street. The amazing orange colour with lots of greenery from the plants and bushes, made it just stunning to look at. I wouldn`t say no to living there, no doubt inside would be wonderful too.

Nyhavn was amazing too with the coloured buildings at the front and then the sun setting made it extra special.

Now with the dark nights rolling in it seems a long time ago that it was summer, but this time of year is always nice (well for me anyway). The next trip is to Munich at the end of November to visit a friend and her new baby and to check out the Christmas markets.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Beautiful! I live in Copenhagen for 6 months, near Nyhavn, and it was such a pretty walk to work! haven';t been back in 15 years though, and I really want to! Thanks for sharing these photos so I could relive Copenhagen a little!

    1. Thanks Elisa, it is a lovely city, glad I have seen it in the summer!

  2. Beautiful photos Emma! I was there a few years ago and enjyed it a lot.

    1. Thanks Keith, we all had a great week and it is a great city!