Monday, 18 November 2013

Hiking in the Alps!

Waiting for the cable car

Alessio and his grandad


Glimpse of the Eiger

The hiker!

Walking down to Kleine Scheidegg

Alessio and his Granny

After checking into our hotel we decided to go up one of the mountains, and after careful considerations basically being the weather we opted to take the cable car to Männlichen at 2, 225m. Instead of walking the 15mins to the summit we walked downwards to Kleine Scheidegg at 2.061m, it would take us 1.5 hours.

The great thing about this hike is that is it easy to do and you have the amazing trio always in sight Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Of course it does help to have amazing weather too, but you cannot have everything and we had to make do with glimpses of these mountains. I have to say that I am interested in the attempts to climb the Eiger, it all sounds just crazy to want to climb the North Face.

Anyway back to our walk it loops round passing the Lauberhorn and eventually you see Kleine Scheidegg below. Before we reached our final destination we stopped for refreshments, wine for the adults and ice cream for Alessio. There was also a play area which kept Alessio amused, also my mother enjoyed the swing too.

Then the short hop down to the railway junction of Kleine Scheidegg where you catch trains to Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald and of course upwards to Jungfraujoch. We did not hang about here and caught the train down to Wengen.

It was a lovely afternoon walk and would highly recommend this hike for everyone, kids included! I managed to do one more hike in the October holidays, but I think there will be no more hikes this year.


  1. It's so lovely to see Grindelwald again. I was there at the tender age of 16 and have no photos to remember it by but the memories reamain vivid of Interlaken, Goldswil and Grindelwald. Beautiful places. :-D

    1. Thanks, it is a beautiful area to visit, hopefully once I will see the famous trio in good weather!