Monday, 9 December 2013

Bächlihof, Another Pumpkin Exhibition

During the Halloween week, we went to visit Bächlihof with the kids from my work, as many know this is just like Jucker farm except it is smaller.

The exhibition was about dinosaurs and we walked around each one getting the kids to see if they could recognize them. The last time I was here, was also with the kids from my work about 3 years ago and it has changed somewhat. Now there is also a biggish haystack and a wooden climbing frame, plus some small cars and tractors to drive around.

The restaurant is also bigger, there is a shop to buy their products and of course not to mention lots of different types of pumpkins. We bought a pumpkin to carve and then smaller ones for decorating our tables. The children had lots of fun, luckily it was not too cold or raining.

The place is very near to Rapperswil, you go to the station Blumenau, then it is a short walk to the venue. There are car spaces but too many, so may be best to take public transport. In January to April they are having a Straw Festival, so Alessio and I be there to check it out come the time.


  1. Wow! I thought that "Pumpkin season" was over!!!! Anyway they should have made something more Christmassy (Santa made in pumpkin)....

    1. Hi, actually it is long finished, I think the beginning of november. It has just taken me awhile to do a post on it! Happy Christmas!