Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas Cheer from Zurich!

I can hardly believe how fast the time has flown by since the beginning of december, it just feels like I was just in Munich! Tomorrow is my last day at work and the Christmas concert by the children, so I guess it will be a stressful but fun day! Friday Alessio and I go to Scotland, which is always great to see my parents, sister and family and other family members! Alessio is very excited to see his cousins Jamie and Liam!

Zurich is looking as always very festive, full of lovely lights, fanastic Christmas trees,  great window decorations and of course the Christmas markets. I have hardly seen any of the markets this year, basically the one at the main station, which is the largest indoor Christmas market in Europe. It was always really busy but I went twice and had my usual Glühwein.

A trip to the Lindt chocolate factory to keep the folk back home happy has been done and dusted,  the factory itself looks very festive. There are many places to buy Christmas trees alround the city, of course this year we do not have one, but next year we will!

So it is back to the packing and wrapping for a bit!

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  1. So pretty! Can you believe I haven't been yet? That will be rectified this weekend ;-)