Saturday, 7 December 2013

Munich That Christmas Feeling!

Last weekend I went to Munich with a friend Arlene, we went from Friday to Sunday afternoon. Lucky for us the sun was shining the whole time, as we enjoyed walking around Munich. On the Friday evening we visited our friend Janet who has a lovely little baby girl called Alina, we had dinner and caught up on all the news, another friend was there too, Heidi who lives in Paris.

Saturday we met up with another friend Claire and wandered around parts of Munich, after meeting up we walked to the English garden and to the Chinese Tower where there is also a Christmas market to see.

I was looking forward to have some Glühwein (mulled wine) and ended up having 3 mugs. The good thing about drinking Glühwein is comes in cool mugs that you can keep, we ended up going to the stalls with the coolest mugs. This tradition does not happen in Zurich you drink out of a paper cup or plastic one.

As you can imagine it was extremely busy in the city centre, the shop windows were decorated very nicely. I did not buy anthing, but it was nice to look around at the shop windows. Of course seeing the Christmas lights when it got dark was lovely, I think that is the best part of a Christmas market.

The weekend went so fast, as these things tend to do, we both had a great time and it was lovely to catch up on our friends.

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