Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Football Fever!

One of the things we did while back in Scotland over the Christmas period was to go to see a football match. This was planned ages ago back maybe in the summer, since I knew which dates we would be there and plus we only wanted to see a home game. So the only match on Saturday 21st Dec and it was Dundee United v Ross County, Alessio and myself were both quite excited as we had never been to see a match. before.

Only thing that would stop us from going would have been the weather, as the kick off was at 3pm we waited until around 2pm to decide. If it had been raining we would have not gone but lucky for us it was only frigging cold but not raining! So off we went and arrived at 2.30pm stood in line for the tickets and then tried to find a seat. Most of the seats had reserved written on them,  therefore we were unsure if we could sit there, in the end we did.

We were there with my father, my sister Elena and her son Jamie, Alessio was really happy and cheering United on. The half second the action was at our end which was really great and finally when Dundee United scored we all shouted and screamed. In fact it was the only goal of the match, now I will try to take Alessio to see a match here in Zurich.

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  1. Thanks, Buddy. I have also enjoyed your blog and will continue to check in to read your posts.