Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Photo of the Week - Friendly Fire!

Happy New Year! Back from 10 days in Scotland with Alessio visiting my parents, my sister and her family. It is always great to go home, Christmas tends to be a manic time and we were all busy during these 10 days. Not only did we have Christmas to celebrate we had 2 birthdays, mine was on the 29th and then my mother on the 30th. Then the 3rd January is my nephew Jamie who turns 9 years old. And no I will not be telling you my age!!

Anyway this lovely fireplace is from the West Port bar in St.Andrews where we always go to visit and normally end up eating here. It looked very friendly and give out a warm feeling! Which is what you needed as practically the whole time is was very windy and rainy!

Wishing everyone a great, happy and healthy 2014!

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