Saturday, 22 February 2014

A Day At The Lake!

All alone!

Fancy a swing anyone?

Look what we made!

On Thursday it was a really wonderful sunny, warm day, just the sort of day you cannot stay inside at all! So for the last day of the sport holidays we took the kids to the lake in Richterswil for the day. There is a great play area and next to the water a large sand area and places to grill.

From work we took lots of buckets and spades and the children had a great time in the sand. The boys made a volcano which you can see in the last photo, they were all quite proud of it.

For lunch we had our usual sausages and bread, it was really great to be grilling when it is only the middle of February and usually it should be very cold. As you would expect the place was very busy but we were the only ones grilling. We all had a great day out!

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