Monday, 3 February 2014

Stirling Castle

A trip back in time to our visit to Scotland over Christmas, one day it was decided to visit Stirling Castle. I had never visited this castle before so I was really keen to go and Alessio in general likes to visit castles. My father came along too, it was bitterly cold and rainy day, basically the sort of day to stay indoors!

Before we went inside we stopped nearby for lunch, once fortified with food we set off up hill to the castle entrance. The castle is very impressive indeed and the surrounding views were amazing, so on a lovely sunny day they must be even better!

Built on Stirling Hill it has steep cliffs on three sides, the first records of Stirling Castle date back to 12th century and King Alexander I. In 1314 the Battle of Bannockburn took place with Robert the Bruce the winner, as always we had to fight the English!

Mary Queen of Scots was crowned queen here in 1543, so many important events took place. The gardens did look nice but with the crap weather we did not walk around them. I liked seeing the Wallace Monument in the distance, it looks like it is perched on those trees.

Once we had seen all the buildings and rooms we set off to find a coffee shop, afterwards we got the bus back to our car. All in all a really interesting afternoon, if you are into history and like castles this is definitely worth a visit.

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