Monday, 26 May 2014

Oslo Words

And another month is nearly over, this year is passing by so fast! Time for another post and it is from Oslo. The five days we spent in Oslo, we got to see quite a lot of places and my favorite place was the Opera house. That will be another post though.

The last two photos are from the Norwegian Folk Museum, it was located in a lovely area. It was a very interesting museum and Alessio had a good time.

This week I will be going to Istanbul for the first time and am very excited about it. In fact I cannot wait!!

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Filming in Olso

During our last evening in Oslo after finishing our evening meal we decided to walk a little before catching the tram back to our hotel. As we were walking along we could lots of smoke and of course thought that something was on fire, but lo and behold it was not fire but some kind of filming. Of course we were all excited and went to watch what was going on.

We then started to wonder if it was for a film, tv or an advert. It looks like it is set possibly 30s or 40s, what we saw was around four cars driving and extras walking along the street. One of the extras looked like he was wearing Jewish clothes and then we thought it might have something to do with something set during WW1 or 2.

Well anyway it was all very exciting to see this!

Monday, 12 May 2014

Animals Galore!

Wild cat

So cute!! Red Panda


Right I am off to eat my dinner!

Over the last few months I have visited Zurich zoo and Langenberg Animal Park, on all these occasions it has been lots of fun!

The bear is in the animal park and we were lucky to have seen him twice, normally he is a bit shy. The second visit he decided to go swimming much to the delight of the onlookers! He is definitely my favorite animal in this park.

The wild cat is always very tricky to find but we did manage to spot him both times, hidden among the greenery in his area.

The foxes were all out and very busy running around and exploring there field, to be honest I think that this was the first time I have ever seen foxes. And then one found something to eat!

The snow leopard was fast asleep we were there, but is was great to see one anyway!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Boat on the Oslo Fjords

Amazing colourful houses

Pirate boat trip

Town Hall

We are back from our wonderful trip to Oslo, we had a great time and packed in as much as we could in 5 days. One of the things we did was this boat trip passing around some of the islands in the oslo fjord. We took the public ferry and the trip was short at 40mins, there are longer ones and of course you can get off and walk around the islands.

As with all our days in Oslo we were blessed with great weather so seeing that it was not so windy on the top deck I ventured upwards!

The scenery was just wonderful and of course these brilliant colourful houses you see and just know are from Norwary. Looking back now I do wished we had decided to walk around one of these small islands, but nevermind we saw lots of other great sights.

Lastly the small ferry that took us on the trip, myself, Alessio and my father were the only folk who braved the cold on the top!