Sunday, 8 June 2014

Vigeland Park Oslo

Back to Oslo and a visit to the amazing Vigeland Park, it is the world`s largest sculpture park made by  a single artist. The artist Gustav Vigeland was born in Southern Norway in 1869, the park was completed between the years 1939 and 1949.

Once we had had a bit to eat and Alessio got some time to play at the great play area for kids, we began our exploration of the statues. The park itself and its layout is beautiful, it did remind me of some of the parks in Paris. Going over the bridge there are loads of statues and we all had fun choosing the one we liked the best. For me it was the one with the man and the four babies hanging on him and it looks like he is trying to get them off him.

We then walked up the steps to the very amazing Monolith on the highest point in the park, it is 17.3m high and has 121 figures. It took 3 stonemasons 14 years to carve the Monolith.

The last photo shows the impressive view from the top looking down at the gardens and the fountain of the park. There was still lots more to see but by then we decided to head back into the centre and to our hotel.

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