Friday, 1 August 2014

English Pub Signs!

I cannot believe it is already August, this year has gone so fast for me! I have been terribly lazy towards my blog, I only put up 3 posts in July. Well hopefully in August there will be some more for you all to read.

The week we spent in England was a really nice one, we saw lots of new places and there was a heatwave as well. We went all over the place Oxford and Bath, to smaller places too, a castle and a lovely kids farm which Alessio really enjoyed.

There are lots of pubs of course and they all had really lovely signs, of course we wanted to sample their wares as well. The first 3 photos are from Bath, the first pub The Raven looked really nice and we wanted to eat but sadly they did not allow kids under 14yrs. Well we thought that was a load of old cobblers but not much we could do about that.

The next 3 are from Gloucester, the next 2 from Tewesbury, then the next 2 from Oxford. The next 2 are (hopefully) from Chipping Camden, the next one cannot remember the town. Finally in the last one we had our lunch there in a small delightful village called Lower Slaughter. It was really picturesque afterwards we took a small walk.

I like the Saracens Head Tavern sign, which one do you all like? Let me know!

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