Monday, 25 August 2014

Oslo Waterfront

My building

Captain Rutherford

Reminded us of Berlin

In Oslo during the spring holiday we spent a couple of hours exploring the waterfront area Aker Brygge. We were all very impressed, there are plenty of restaurants, bars, cafes and shops to keep the visitors very busy. We were looking for lunch but the prices in this area proved to be a bit to much for us.

There is a museum Astrup Fearnley right at the end of walkway, we never went to it, but the building itself looks interesting. It apparently opens up to a pebble beach but we did not see that. There is lots of great architecture and design in this area and I could have just walked around looking at the different buildings.

This area is full of flats and offices, I just loved the purple patterned building with blue tiles (7th photo), also the long windows at the top look amazing. You can just image the wonderful view. Well I am quite sure they will be extremely expensive to buy or rent.

You can definitely pass away hours here and along the other side of the waterfront where the Akerhus Castle is situated.

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