Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A Visit to Stanserhorn Mountain!

During the last week of the school holidays Alessio and I were both off and we were staying in Zurich for a change. I planned to do some day trips and the rest of the days just hanging about at home, going to the lake and parks.

One of the trips was to the Stanserhorn mountain and one of its charms is that it has an open deck cable car called Cabri0 which was opened in 2012.

It is just under 1900m and we had really great weather to enjoy our day. The views of Lake Lucerne, Pilatus, Rigi and Burgenstock to name but a few mountains were amazing as you would expect from high up.

It also has a revolving restaurant, but actually it is just a platform with some table and chairs which goes very slowly around. It is still quite cool and we had reserved a space to eat and left our jackets, went to get some lunch. When we returned to our area at first I thought some people had sat in our seats then realised that it was turning.

It also has a small area with marmots which I already mentioned in a photo of the week post. Dam they were so cute these little animals. We walked up to the summit which the marmot enclosure is on the way and huffed and puffed a bit, but the view is worth it. A lovely day out!!


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