Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Photo of the Week - Lovely Door

I saw this door in Seegräben which is where Jucker farm is situated. As we were walking back down to the train station I saw this door. The village is really lovely and has lots of wonderful houses to take many great photos.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Jucker Farm Visit

Back at the end of September Alessio and myself went to visit Jucker farm, it was a glorious day and as you can imagine very busy. As usual we wandered around and I bought a selection of gourds to take home. Alessio played on the haystack and the playground. He also went into the goats pen and fed some of them. This year the exhibits were on the theme of flying, as you can see from some of the photos! I am always amazed by the amount and different types of pumpkins and other vegetables there are available. The colours are just wonderful, no wonder everyone is taking photos!

I ate of course some pumpkin soup (delicious) and Alessio had his normal pasta. It was a lovely day out and soon it will be ending around the beginning of November. I have a trip to the sister farm Bächlihof in Jona tomorrow with work. If you have not managed to visit so far then get yourselves down there!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sister Jane!

These photos are from the beginning of March, Alessio and I went to our local park. I guess it must have been a nice day for late winter. Alessio took his bike, cycled around and played a while on the swings too. There was a boat there called Sister Jane, in fact it is still there now. And I thought it looked nice and at first I really thought that black bird was real. I kept on thinking why does it not move and eventually I realised it was a fake!

So another weekend is over and a few more day left and October is over too! Soon it is Halloween, let the spookiness begin!!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Photo of the Week - Bright, Colourful Door

This door is so bright and colourful it makes you want to live there! It is in Istanbul and I spotted it when we were trying to find a restaurant for dinner. There are so many amazing doors around everywhere and on instagram many people take lots of photos of doors. I just love instragram and recently have been going rather crazy on there.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Istanbul Postcards!

Near to the Blue Mosque


Anyone for tea!

Door through to Süleymaniye mosque

Happy Couple!



Topkapi Palace

Guarding the Palace!

These are just random photos of the whole trip to Istanbul and are in the order of each day. We saw all the major sites and even encountered a demonstration on the 3rd day. It is hard to say what was the best part as everything was new and awe inspiring! The cruise on the Bosphorus was great, the Blue Mosque and the Haghia Sophia were amazing. But sometimes it is the best when you see everyday life and the people of the city you are visiting.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Glasgow Tower

View from Riverside Museum

Three bridges!
North Rotunda

outside of the cinema in the science complex
Squinty Bridge
View from car park

During our Scotland visit we went to Glasgow, the main focus of the trip was to see the Riverside Museum (which we did) which is situated next to the river Clyde. One of the views of the surrounding area was of the Glasgow Tower. At that point I did not know what this tower was and there happened to be a leaflet which give us the information.

So as it was very near to our location we drove over there, it is part of the Glasgow Science Centre which also looked very interesting to visit. One of the bridges that we crossed over is called the Glasgow Arc which was renamed Squinty bridge by Glasgwegians!

The Glasgow Tower is 127m and holds the record for the tallest tower which can rotate 360 degrees in the world and is also the tallest tower in Scotland It was designed by Richard Horden and has reopened after being closed for the last 4 years due to some problems.

The ride to the top took 2.5 mins and we were rewarded with some great views of Glasgow and the surrounding hills. As we had no idea of the tower and how close it was to the museum is was a welcome surprise to the day.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Photo of the Week - Big Wheel

I have been away in Scotland for the last week so I have been quiet on the blogging scene! So a photo of the week post to get back in swing of things. This was taken from the roof terrace of my friend Arlene, I took many and this is the only one that turned out!!

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Photo of the week - Panda time

Photo of the week comes from the amazing city of Istanbul which I visited at the end of May. While at the top of the Galata tower I saw this grumpy panda! By the way there were also other pretty magnificent views too!!