Saturday, 18 October 2014

Glasgow Tower

View from Riverside Museum

Three bridges!
North Rotunda

outside of the cinema in the science complex
Squinty Bridge
View from car park

During our Scotland visit we went to Glasgow, the main focus of the trip was to see the Riverside Museum (which we did) which is situated next to the river Clyde. One of the views of the surrounding area was of the Glasgow Tower. At that point I did not know what this tower was and there happened to be a leaflet which give us the information.

So as it was very near to our location we drove over there, it is part of the Glasgow Science Centre which also looked very interesting to visit. One of the bridges that we crossed over is called the Glasgow Arc which was renamed Squinty bridge by Glasgwegians!

The Glasgow Tower is 127m and holds the record for the tallest tower which can rotate 360 degrees in the world and is also the tallest tower in Scotland It was designed by Richard Horden and has reopened after being closed for the last 4 years due to some problems.

The ride to the top took 2.5 mins and we were rewarded with some great views of Glasgow and the surrounding hills. As we had no idea of the tower and how close it was to the museum is was a welcome surprise to the day.

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