Monday, 24 November 2014

Montrose Basin

While we were in Scotland we had a day trip to Montrose, first we visited the Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre. Afterwards we stopped for lunch and then proceeded towards the Montrose Basin which is a nature reserve and home to over 50,000 migratory birds. These include pink footed geese, Artic terns and Red Knot to name but a few. You cannot actually walk around the area but the views were sensational!

I am not sure but these birds may be the pink footed geese. There were so many of them quite amazing really!

There is the Scottish Wildlife Trust!s Visitor Centre which we did not visit but seeing some of the reviews the place gets it sounds very much worth a visit. We did visit another bird centre near to Loch Leven called Vane Farm, that was also quite interesting. Alessio got to look through binoculars, read information about the visiting birds and there is cafe too.

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