Tuesday, 30 December 2014

An Afternoon in Ascona

I spent the 3 days after Christmas with my friend Natalie in the Ticino. Her mother has an apartment in the village of Ronco which is quite near to Ascona. We travelled down by train on the 26th and once we had settled in we went to Ascona.

I had never visited Ascona before so I was excited to walk around and see the amazing view of the waterfront. Ascona is on Lake Maggiore, this is a very big lake with most of it in Italy. We walked around the old part, looked at the shops which were mostly closed. The waterfront is very pretty with lots of lovely colourful buildings, which are mostly restaurants, cafes and bars.

We were lucky enough to see a wonderful sunset just as we arrived, it was lovely to watch. Then we walked about 15 mins to a bar/restaurant called Beach Lounge for some evening drinks. A good start to my mini!

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