Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A Trip to Mt Titlis

Back in September while my parents were visiting we went for a day to visit the Titlis mountain situated in Engelberg. We took the cable car up to the top which is 3,238m above sea level and we had a glorious day and had amazing views. At the top we walked along the highest suspension bridge in Europe which was a little scary too. Then we stopped for lunch and made our way down to Trübsee which is 1,796m above sea level, we then walked around the lake.

The walk around the lake does not take too long we stopped on the way for some refreshments, Alessio enjoyed running around and playing. It is a lovely walk and if it is a nice day lots of great views. Once back we took the cable car back down to Engelberg.

In Central Switzerland Mt Titlis is the highest glacier excursion destination so therefore it is very busy all the time. The only down side is it is very expensive especially without any kind of discount.

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