Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Cherry Blossom in Japan

At the Imperial Palace garden area

Arlene trying to catch the cherry blossom!

In Kyoto at the castle

Again at the castle

One of the many many reasons to visit Japan is to see the amazing cherry blossom season. Sadly we missed the actual season as we arrived mid April, but we were still lucky to see the odd tree here and there. The first 4 photos are in Tokyo around the Imperial Palace area, when you see a cherry tree especially since the season is finished you get excited. The wind was blowing, so all the blossoms were flying around, hence Arlene trying to catch them.

The last 4 photos are in Kyoto outside the castle in its garden, there are whole cherry blossom areas but only these few were still in blossom. It makes you think just how truly amazing it would have been to see loads and loads of cherry blossom trees in bloom. I could have easily taken much more photos of these trees, they were so beautiful to see.

So the whole trip was pretty amazing and as you can imagine there will be lots of posts about Tokyo and Kyoto! I hope you do not get bored!!

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