Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Rapperswil Castle

Back in February we visited the lovely city of Rapperswil with the kids from my class. The reason for the trip was to visit the castle in this city. Normally visitors are not allowed inside the castle but we called and asked them if we could look around, as this was our topic at the Kindergarten.

It was a really cold day and everyone was quite excited to be seeing inside the castle, once we got up to the castle the kids played for about 10mins at the playground.

The lady came at 11am and we went inside, she said we could look at the rooms upstairs and down. In all honesty it was not that great, I mean the rooms were nice but nothing special. It did not take that long to look around and then we returned to the train station. With the weather so terrible and cold we could not hang about the city for very long.

Rapperswil is a lovely city and it is always nice to visit, but in nicer weather!

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