Monday, 18 May 2015

Baden Baden Postcards

Back in February I went to Baden Baden with a friend Arlene, it was only for a weekend. Baden Baden is a famous spa town in Baden-Württemberg on the banks of the Oos river. It is such a small town in which all the major sites are in walkable distances.

Once settled into our hotel we walked into the town centre, we wondered around the streets taking in the sites. We wanted to visit the Roman bathes, but they only were opened from March onwards. It is very popular still in regards to spa and people coming to recuperate their health, as it has been since the Roman times.

We climbed up to the New Castle and got some fabulous views, then we walked along the river back to our hotel. The walk along the banks of the river Oos was very nice and we could see all the fancy hotels, then we walked through a very nice park, just before we reached our hotel.

Later in the evening we dined in a German restaurant which was good enough, the next day the weather had changed completely to rain and clouds. We decided to go up the MerkurBergbahn, which I already posted about.

For a weekend trip to Baden Baden it is enough, but there are certainly lots of places to visit in the surrounding area to it a longer trip.

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