Friday, 15 May 2015

Kimono Time!

This lovely lady helped us to find Shinjuku!

During our time in Japan we saw quite a lot of people wearing Kimonos, and to us it was really fascinating to see. I was not really sure if they were wearing the Kimono for a celebration or just some people like to wear them. It did seem like it would be difficult to walk wearing one, as they are tied quite tight and the shoes have that bit like in flip flops for the toes. Having said that presumably they are used to wearing a Kimono and know how to walk properly.

The last five photos were taken at the Meiji-ji Shrine, there seemed to be a few weddings on. I guess they must be used to tourists being at this shrine and taking photos of the many weddings that take place here. This wedding passed like a procession and of course I like many took lots of photos, but the bride did look really amazing.

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