Monday, 24 August 2015

Kyoto Temples

The Golden Pavilion

Inari Temple

Ginkakuji Temple

Our trip to Japan back in April also included a stop in Kyoto for 3 days. We took the Bullet train which was also an experience in itself and arrived in Kyoto rather quickly.

Whilst in the train station we visited the tourist office and asked what were the main sights to visit. The lady gave us a lowdown on basically the most popular ones. So after we checked into our hotel we set off to visit one of them, The Golden Pavilion. It was very serene and tranquil place, in spite of the fact it was very busy still even though it was closing soonish. We wondered around and it didn`t take so long to walk through the complex.

The next day we visited two more temples, Inari and Ginkakuji. Inari is a little out of Kyoto and on the base on a mountain or hill. We started the walk to the top but give up, but it is a very bright orange temple. Lastly Ginkakuji, which is a World Cultural Heritage Site, again you follow a defined path and there is no wondering around alone off the beaten path.

All three temples are easily reached by public transport and the system is very good, with English announcements too. Also Japanese people were always very helpful to us when we got lost and really tried to speak some English.

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