Friday, 11 September 2015

Botanical Gardens in Zurich


Last week I went to the Botanical gardens in Zurich as a trip with the kids from my work. This is I think my 3rd visit to this place and this time we got to visit the giant greenhouses. The kids found them all very interesting one was very hot (which I could not wait to leave) and the other was cooler just the perfect temperature.

We stopped for lunch and then wondered around looking at the flowers and plants, there were so many and to be honest not really sure of the names. There were some really large lily pads which we all found quite interesting, there was a picture of a baby sitting in one. So whether that means they are strong enough to hold a baby, but since we had no to babies to test I cannot say!!

The day ended to a trip to a playground which I guess was the best thing about the whole day for the kids!

Happy Weekend!

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