Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Bunnies and some more bunnies!

What is going on here?

Anything interesting here??


Really that is all you have got!!

One up, one down!

Can I play mum?

I want this! No I want this!!

It´s hard to believe that we are about to welcome in October, this month as just passed super fast. My parents were here at the beginning of the month, then we had the birthday shenanigans for Alessio which went on for two weeks. This week I have been planning for our trip to London next week, really looking forward to that and of course to see my parents again.

Time to stop waffling on and talk about these adorable bunnies which we saw last Thursday when we visited the Island of Ufenau. We had a great time and before we returned back to the day care we visited the bunnies. When we got there they were all lazying about, but suddenly they decided we were worth a bit of an investigation. Of my Lord, the kids were all naming them and saying just how cute they were and I have to agree with that comment.

The lady who works in the restaurant came out and gave the kids lots of leaves and the bunnies went a bit wild. She told us that the mother has 9 little ones and that´s her in the first photo sitting in the log.

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