Sunday, 27 September 2015

Costal trip and Dolphin Spotting!

During the summer holiday we had in Portugal, we went on a boat trip. This trip was looking at the rock formations along the coastline and then hopefully seeing dolphins.

The sea was rather choppy so we had to hold, the speed boat certainly jumped around on the sea and at one point we had completely and unexpectedly soaked!

The rock formations were all really amazing and spectacular, lots of lovely secret beaches. Once we finished the coastline part of the trip we headed off to see the dolphins. We were searching and searching and for a while it looked like we might not see them. Then suddenly the boat took off like a bat out of hell, to another area and there they were! Dolphins all around, jumping out of the water and traveling in groups. Sadly the photos do not do it justice as it was really hard to take photos. It was so great to have seen them and now we had to return back to shore. Since we took a bit longer to see the dolphins it meant we were late for the next boat trip so the driver went on full gas and we were just continuously soaked all the way back. I have never been completely soaked like right down to my underwear. The whole group was just laughing so much it was complete shock, when we got off the boat, we headed to the nearest bar for drinks!

It was a great trip and would recommend it, there are many companies doing this tour. Maybe take a change of clothing though!!

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