Friday, 16 October 2015

Tokyo Postcards

Famous Nijubashi Bridge

Imperial Palace

Holy Resurrection Cathedral

The Golden Turd!

Looking down the Sumida river

Prada Aoyoma


Tokyo Tower

The National Art Center

National Art Center

Naka-Meguro area

Hibiya Park

Hibiya Park

The trip to Japan took place in April about 6 months ago it was a great trip and we had lots of fun and met lots of lovely people.

We visited Tokyo and Kyoto, but most of our time was spent in the giant metropolis which is Tokyo and its population is over 13 million. In all honestly it was always busy no matter where you go or what time it would be.

There are many distinct areas in Tokyo and we tried to visit as many as possible and see as much as possible. We saw a bit of the Imperial Palace, its gardens and we were still able to see the famous cherry blossoms that Japan is famous for this time of year.

We visited the Sky Tower which had great views and before we began us longish walk to find it we can across these buildings with a strangely shaped golden thing. Apparently its been named The Golden Turd. It is on the Asahi Beer building and was designed by French architect Philippe Stark
and it is supposed to look like foam rising from a beer mug.

We took a cruise down the Sumida river taking in all the sites along the river which then takes you towards Tokyo Bay. We stopped off nearish to our hotel and walked back a new way, trying not to get lost!

We walked around Roppongi checking out the shops, buildings, museums and any other odd looking stuff we could see. If you like to see some interesting architectural buildings then get yourself over to Omotesando which has loads of buildings from the likes of Boss, Stella McCartney, Prada, Christian Dior to name but a few.

We visited some parks and on our last day Hibiya park which was near to the Imperial Palace. It was quite pleasant with a huge pond, fountain and lots of benches to sit quietly and contemplate life. We also wondered around a fab area called Naka-Meguro which has loads of really lovely shops, bars and cafes which are alongside a canal. But there was hardly any water in this canal but it was still a super walk along them.

Anyway enough writing, this might have been the longest post I have ever written, who knows!

Have a great weekend!

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