Thursday, 22 October 2015

Ufenau Island

This was my 5th visit to this island and I have been lucky in that it has always been great weather. It is around 20 mins more or less from Au on the boat (of course). The island is not very big and an afternoon is really enough to enjoy the delights this island has to offer.

The walk around the island is quite short but there is lots to see, this is a nature reserve so no picking any flowers!! There is the church St Peter and Paul, plus a chapel St Martins which we both visited with the kids.

There is self-service restaurant, I have never eaten there, only had a coffee and cake! The food does look good though. It also have vineyards and I have not tasted the wine either! We also had a great time looking the rabbits and feeding them, which I already did a post about that. They were so cute!

If you have not visited the island it is certainly worth it, but only if the weather is nice!

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