Friday, 20 November 2015

Bits of Madrid

My sister and I usually try to have a long weekend away each year, this year we went to Madrid. I had already visited this city but about 17 years ago, so I was quite happy to go again.

We visited all the major sites, the Royal Palace, Prado Museum, Buen Retiro Park, Plaza Major, Temple of Debod, Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Market San Miquel and a few more sites.

We also took a cable car ride to Casa de Campo park, it gives you great views of the city and the river Manzanares and some bridges too. We had a great idea of once we got to the park we could walk back to the city. This was clearly not going to happen as it looked a lot farer to walk back than we thought, so we took the cable car back. In all honestly not really sure if it is worth a trip, the views are great but not breathtaking!

I think I am safe in saying that our visit to the San Miquel Market was a hit, it was full of great food and drinks. I did a post on that so if you want to see what is on offer, have a look!

We had a great long weekend and as usual it was great to see my sister. We plan to visit Ljubljana in Slovenia for our next trip but that is not for quite a while.

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  1. You saw a lot more of Madrid than we did all those years ago. Don't remember a river or canal at all. Here's a link to a blog that may interest you - Ruta Travels - She is from Riga and spent a year studying in Dundee. Some good stuff. She may even suggest some sights to see in Riga. She sometimes comments on mh blog.