Friday, 4 December 2015

Friedrichshafen and Zeppelin Museum

sea promenade
Nice pattern on Church

Zeppelin Museum
Zeppelin Museum
Zeppelin Museum
Colourful square
My father and Alessio

Water Jet
Beautiful flowers

In September when my parents were visiting we made a day trip to Friedrichshafen, I have wanted to visit this place for ages. Also for Alessio I thought the Zeppelin Museum would be something he would find interesting to visit. I drove to Romanshorn where I parked and we took the ferry over, it takes about 45mins to arrive.

Friedrichshafen is on the northern shoreline of Lake Constance (Bodensee), it is a university city and home to the Zeppelin Museum.

On the lake front there is a tower where you can get a great view it is free to climb up. We did not climb up as it was quite warm, but am sure the view would have been really nice.

The Zeppelin Museum is the main tourist attraction in Friedrichshafen, it is located right on the lake front. It is the birthplace of the zeppelin, it houses the world`s largest aviation collection and tells the history of the Zeppelin story. We all found it very interesting, lots of information and replica parts of famous zeppelin Hindenberg, which crashed on May 6th 1937.

After lunch we wondered around the town itself and came to a big square and the Buchhorn fountain where lots of people were cooling themselves off, Alessio and my father joined them.

We walked to the front again and through some lovely gardens, it was very busy as you can imagine with lots of people lying and relaxing in the sun. We sat for a while in shade and then stopped off for an ice cream, then made a made dash for the ferry to take us back to Romanshorn.

All in all a lovely day and an easy day trip from Zurich!

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