Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Face of Madonna

This weekend has been quite busy and the highlight would have to be the Madonna concert on Saturday evening. I have been to many concerts but I had never seen Madonna before so I was really looking forward to see her.

Her performance was suppose to start at 10pm, but actually it started at 10.20pm, everyone was getting a bit annoyed by the shouting going on but once she came on stage all was forgiven.

Anyway the back drop on the stage was a large screen and late on into the performance a number of pictures of Madonna came on. They were all very interesting and artistic looking, so I snapped away quickly as soon as they came up.

The concert was brilliant and she put on a great show, I am glad to have seen her once! I will put up another post of more photos of the concert later on.

Wishing everyone a good start to the week!

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