Friday, 8 January 2016

A Weekend in Yverdon Les Bains/Grandson

The first weekend in December Alessio and I visited my friend Aimee and her family. They live just outside Yverdon les Bains in the French part of Switzerland. Alessio was really excited to have a sleeover and play with Noah with threats of staying up as late as possible.

The Saturday we arrived we visited Grandson Castle quite near to where they live. This is a medieval castle dating back between the 11th and 14th century and is the second largest castle in Switzerland. It is situated on the shore of Lake Neuchatel and it has a great view of the lake. Sadly when we visited it was not the best weather, it was interesting to walk around, it has a great collection of weapons and armour, plus a vintage car museum in the cellars. Just outside the castle was a Christmas Market which we looked around, and saw a lovely St.Bernard dog!

The next day we went briefly to the lake and saw the castle from the other side, then we went into Yverdon itself and wondered around the Christmas Market in the main square. It was a lovely day and the market was just opening and slowing getting busy. I think in general Christmas markets are not really for kids, they just get bored, want to eat and drink and run around. I only saw a bit of this town so look forward to see more of it the next time we visit!

Afterwards we hopped on the train back to Zurich, it was a lovely weekend and as usual it was great to see Aimee and the kids.

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