Monday, 7 March 2016

A Walk Around Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a great city, while we were in Scotland over the Christmas holidays we spent a day there along with my father walking around and visiting Edinburgh Castle.

It had been ages since I last visited the castle, so once in the castle grounds we wondered around the and in some of the rooms. The queue to see the crown jewels was really long that we decided not to go, we did see and hear the firing of the canon at 1pm which Alessio really enjoyed. As expected it was very busy and somewhat hard to find a spot to see the it happen, but we managed! We also had our lunch here too.

After we left we walked down the Royal Mile, it is such an amazing street filled with many historic buildings. We stopped at a cafe for afternoon refreshments, we continued walking until the end at Holyrood Palace. Then we decided to head back to the bus station, so we walked through Carlton Hill cemetery. Towards the Dugald Stewart Monument and the Nelson Monument, it is an area I don`t know so well, but certainly great for views.

So another day spent in Edinburgh over, I think the next time I come here will try to visit the zoo. I think Alessio would like that (and me too).

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