Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Fjord Cruise to Mostraumen!

Frozen waterfalls

Frozen waterfall

Frozen sea water

Frozen sea water

Frozen waterfall!

The weather we are having at the moment kind of reminds me of my trip to Bergen in February! I am not joking it is really cold and windy here, okay maybe not as cold as this boat trip but pretty dam near!

One of the highlights was a 3 hour boat trip to visit one of the many fjords in Norway. The choice is endless, there are many different types and lengths of boat cruises to take. Since I was with Alessio I opted for a 3 hour fjord trip to Mostraumen, part of the Osterfjord, so hopefully I would not have to hear endless "is it nearly finished or how long now to go".

It started at 10am and there were many people waiting to go on this trip, once on we went up on deck and found a seat. Slowly the boat started and the captain informed everyone of the sights on both sides. Once we were out of the Bergen harbour, the boat started to move faster and that is when it got much colder!

We both braved the outside for at least 30mins and we were rewarded with such amazing scenery. Typical Norwegian colourful houses, bridges, snow covered hills and further into the trip frozen waterfalls!

We then got into the narrower part of the fjord and the captain told us that a few weeks earlier the sea here had been frozen. Now is had mostly melted but still in certain parts the boat had to move very slowly and break the ice. It was quite exciting being on a boat braking the ice, then we moved right up close to one of the frozen waterfalls and some of the passengers were able to collect water with a bucket and drink it!

It was a great boat trip and certainly one of the best I have ever been on, seeing the many frozen waterfalls was amazing.

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