Saturday, 30 April 2016

St.Andrews West Sands

Wind blowing sand about!

Goodness how time has flied by and it is the end of April now! The last 6 weeks have been really busy what with 3 trips out of Switzerland, Alessio had his First Communion and my parents were here for too! I just got back this afternoon from a short trip to Cologne, more about that later on!

While Alessio and I were in Scotland we went to St.Andrews which we always do as this is where I go to the dentist. Once the visit was over at the dentist we went for some lunch and then into the town. We park down by the west sands and had a wonder on the beach, it was a sunny but windy day! The wind was blowing the sand which you can just about make out in the 6th photo, it looked quite cool!

My father was with us and he and Alessio went about shell collecting and Alessio found some long bits of wood too. It was just nice to see the sea for a change and see how peaceful it looked!

Then we headed off to pick up my mother who had been having lunch with some friends.

Wishing you all a great weekend!

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