Sunday, 8 May 2016

Chocolate Making!

During our short break in Cologne we visited the Chocolate Museum which was situated very near to our hotel and on the Rhine.

The first part of the museum tells about the cocoa bean and in which countries it is grown. Then how the cocoa bean is harvested and about the lives of the people who depend on growing cocoa beans.

There is a greenhouse with plants that are only found in warm places in the world. Then we see the production making of chocolate, the different machines it goes in and going into moulds to make small chocolate bars. You are able to taste the chocolate on a wafer biscuit, which was very nice.

I guess the best part for Alessio was being able to create your own chocolate bar. You decide if you prefer brown, white or dark chocolate. Then you can choose 4 ingredients from the list, it cost just under 5 euros and takes about 35mins. He enjoyed watching the lady make the bars and in the last 3 photos she is making his chocolate bar!

Once it was finished he was really pleased, we brought it back to Zurich and hopefully he liked it! It is a bit funny that we had to visit a chocolate museum in Cologne, when we live next door to the Lindt factory. They used to give tours of the factory but stopped a long long time ago!

Hope everyone had a great long weekend! And Happy Mother`s Day too!

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