Monday, 13 June 2016

Coldplay Time!

Saturday evening saw the return of Coldplay to Zurich after two years, I love this band and this was my 4th time seeing them. I know they are not to everyone`s liking but who cares!

The weather was not so great but during the concert it actually only rained a little bit. They played all the usual big hits, along with their new stuff. There was also fireworks, colourful confetti and large balloons flying around as part of the show.

As is usual they tend to come up to the rear of the stadium so us folk at the back can see them a bit better. Of course we were on the wrong side but we still edged our way to the area they were playing but it would be great to see them up close and personal!

I had my camera along too which was just as well as my phone died as soon as we entered the venue. I was glad to have my camera as I could get some good close ups!

So I read somewhere that this is their last album, boo! I hope not! So if this is really the last time they tour I am glad I saw them again!

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