Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Garden Fest at the Museum Rietberg

I have been meaning to write a post since Friday but with the news of the result of the EU referendum, I has really upset me. I have been watching the news all weekend and reading as much as possible about it all online.

I did manage to do something during the weekend though, on Sunday I went with Alessio and his friend Alessia to the Garden/Summer Fest at the Museum Rietberg in Zurich.

It was busy on Sunday and the weather held to make it a lovely day there. There was lots to do and see, lots of musical entertainment, food stalls and lots for the kids to keep busy.

Unthough both Alessio and his friend were happy just to climb a tree and eat of course, they also managed to find someone with a football too.

The museum has a really great exhibition which I saw a few weeks ago called Gardens of the World - The Search for Paradise. I really enjoyed this exhibition seeing how the idea of gardens came about, gardens from different parts of the world, famous gardens and much more. So if you live in Zurich it is well worth a visit!

This weekend is the Zuri Fest, this big party happens once every 3 years and lots of people come and there is fireworks on both Friday and Saturday night!

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