Saturday, 11 June 2016

The Great Tapestry of Scotland

St.Andrews Cathedral

Mary Queen of Scots

The Scotsmen Newspaper

Robbie Burns

Dundee: Jute, Jam and Journalism

East India Company

Finally while I was in Scotland I managed to see half of the panels of The Great Tapestry of Scotland while it was in the Verdant Works in Dundee.

The tapestry has 160 panels which depicts the history of Scotland from 8500 BC up to 2013. The idea for the tapestry was from the Scottish writer Alexander McCall Smith and the designs were by Andrew Crummy.

Around 1000 volunteers from all over Scotland spent over a year stitching the different panels and the one for Dundee: Jute, Jam and Journalism was the one that my father, Alister Rutherford helped to make along with Eleanor Arthur, Jesse Sword, Margaret Purvis and Marilyn Rattray.

It has been shown in many different venues across Scotland such Stirling Castle, Verdant Works, Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, the Scottish Parliament, Aberdeen, Kirkcaldy, New Lanark and a few more places.

It is really a fantastic piece of art work with so much time and effort having been put into each panel. The details and colours of the panels are just amazing and maybe one day I will see the other 80 panels.

The final resting place for the tapestry is as yet no 100% sure now, so we will wait to see where it will go!

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