Thursday, 7 July 2016

June Reading List

Half of the year has gone by already, it is hard to believe! So time to put up the reading list for June, but first things first I only read 4 books in this photo. I took the photo early in June, as one of these books was a library book and needed to return it. I thought I would get through them all but the top one I just was not interested enough to carry on reading. The second one could not get into it at all!

The No.1 Ladies`Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith is the first in his series about Mma Precious Ramotswe and her agency set in Gaborone, Botswana. She solves lots of different problems for the citizens of Gaborone and further a field. This book is also for my reading challenge which is reading a crime novel set in different countries.

The Invisible Ones by Stef Penney, Ray Lovell is a PI hired to find a missing women called Rose Janko who has been missing for 7 years. Since she was the wife of travelling Gypsy, it can be hard to get information as they are a close knit community, but Ray is half Romany and is chosen more than likely for that reason to investigate. It was okay but I nothing special.

The Leopard by Jo Nesbo, another in the series about the Norwegian detective Harry Hole. He is brought back from Hong Kong to help in finding a killer. I really like Harry, he always have lots of problems to do with himself along with trying to solve the crime.

A Delicate Truth by John le Carré, is more spy stuff of the king of spy thrillers. It starts in Gibraltar where a counter-terror operation codename WILDLIFE goes wrong and only a few people in the Government know about it namely a foreign office minister and a private defense contractor. Toby Bell the private secretary of the minister has been kept out of this secret, but he somehow finds out what went wrong and along with some more people, they have to decide if they need let the world know about this operation. I enjoyed it a lot.

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